In Building Solutions

Concordia Wireless can provide from design to installation several In-Building solutions including both passive and non passive systems to solve even the most complex wireless coverage and capacity issues.


Outdoor wireless connectivity is generally good regardless of provider in most of the geographic US. The need to stay in touch with your employees and for your workers to have seamless access to the information they need is ever-increasing. The demand is driven by unprecedented growth in customer and employee mobility.


In the past cellular coverage to the edge of a building was acceptable. Today if the device does not work in your every part of your building chances are you or your tenants are looking into either a new wireless provider or to relocate to a new building.

Eighty percent of all wireless traffic today is indoors!! Anywhere and anytime wireless access both inside the building and out is not only an expectation but a requirement if the business model offers emergency response or services. In building network performance is not as reliable as the wireless provider’s offerings outside the building. Depending on the construction materials of the building wireless service can drop off dramatically.


Some background on Concordia: Concordia has been in business for almost 15 years as

an Engineering firm specializing in design of wireless telecommunications facilities.

Starting as just a 2-person firm today Concordia employees over 60 within the following divisions:


  • Construction & Field Services with in-house staff covering:

    • Antenna & Line Crews

    • Civil Crews

    • Electrical Crews

    • RF Services

  • Construction Management Division

  • Professional Engineering Division

  • Real-estate & Site Acquisition Division

  • In- building Solutions


Concordia Wireless will prepare a detailed Scope of Work in order to explain the services included in our SOW and the pricing behind each proposal. At Concordia Wireless we have the experience and resources to bring innovative solutions to your properties wireless coverage and capacity issues. We will work with your wireless provider to find ways to split if not cover all costs of the project. Please contact us to set up your consultation today!

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